Title Sponsor: JAMIS Vittoria Factory Racing Team

I’m proud to say I’ve been racing with JAMIS bikes and Vittoria tires since the team formation in 2009. A mountain bike frame is the heart of the bike, giving the whole bike its character or rather personality. Being the only contact point with the ground, the tires are essentially the “communication” aspect between the rider and the trail. The “personality” of the ride on JAMIS bikes is trustful and creative, while the full spectrum of Vittoria mountain bike tires offers “communication at any language” which means performance on any terrain and purpose.




Sponsors & Supporters

Lotus massage

Lotus Mobile Massage

Charlotte Lenssen is a devoted therapist for many years. Her peaceful, joyful and healthful lifestyle is literally absorb and inspired by her friends and clients. Charlotte’s expertise with sports massage and her own experience as a cyclist helps her provide a powerful rehab, healing and balancing therapy to athletes.

Rolf Durango

Rolf Durango

Noah Richstone is a master of the Rolfing technique which helps me keep my body align and regenerated between intensive training, racing and traveling. I would greatly recommend Noah’s 10 Rolfing Series to make structural and functional improvements in your body to feel and perform better.


Diaz Suspension Design

Fully customized shocks and forks to make every bike become perfectly tuned to the trails and style of your ride. Anthony’s knowledge and personal hands-on work with every costumer will improve your bike performance and make your ride feel better.


Ritchey Logic components

Light weight, durable, and strong mountain bike components, what else can you ask for?! oh yeah, they’re sweet looking and also used by world champions like Nino Schurter…


WTB saddles

Bike racing is hard work, most racers say that XCO racing is pretty much 90 minutes of all-out sprint. Well, we do sit on the saddle occasionally and I’m sure happy it’s a WTB saddle. WTB hold a large variety of models to fit any “behind”, and my personal pick is the High Tail – short, light and with just the right cushion at the right spots. The WTB High Tail won the 2015 Design & Innovation Award for a good reason!



Industry leading bike components. Reliable 1×11 speed drivetrain that works great at every shift, smooth and smart shock systems by RockShox and when in need to slow down I can trust on the good braking feel from my Avid brakes.


Stan’s NoTubes

NoTubes wheel systems and tire sealant not only provide a better tubeless solution to other manufacturers, but the NoTubes Valors wheels are a complete game changer in XC racing wheels. Every aspect of rolling and grip performance is enhanced by riding with the Valors, try it and you’ll be hooked too.


Borah Clothing

Cycling clothing that responds to every weather condition, matches any riding purpose or style, fits great with a clean and fresh design.



Stylish and functional hydration packs and travel bags. The EVOC travel bag sets a high standard for ease of use and protection for your bike when you travel by air.


ESI Grips

The famous 100% silicone handlebar grips that comes in almost every color. My favorite is the newly designed ESI FIT XC grips that gives you a natural hand position and superior grip.